Baby-M Swing


  • 2 steel post (Ø 102 mm), hot-dip galvanised, length 2.20 m with caps and suspension bearings, special paint (anthracite grey)included in delivery
  • 2 swing bearings (Art. 4602M)

Technical data
Suspension height:        1,19 m 
Space requirement:        2,30 x 0,90 m
Safety zone:        4,14 x 4,76 m
Height of fall for single-seat swings:        1,19 m
Min. fall protection:        10,95 m²

Free space under basket: < 0.20 m
Ground surface: Sand, fine gravel etc.
Recommended age: 6 - 23 months
(as per ASTM F2373)

Please note!

This equipment is provided for the time being for play areas in accordance with American standard ASTM.


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Art.-Nr. 4540-30