A customised climbing experience

Thrills in the cheetah reserve

In Stukenbrock, Germany’s largest safari and leisure park, an experience of a quite special kind awaits guests: over an area in excess of 6,000 m2, Hildesheim rope course constructor Balance has installed a unique rope course high in the air.

If you like spider’s webs, suspension bridges and snake beams, welcome to a fantastic world of adventure! At a height of five metres, it’s all about climbing high over the heads of the world’s fastest predators. Whether you’re young or old, you have to overcome your limitations and master new challenges in the climbing area right in the middle of the cheetah reserve!

Visitor safety is of the highest priority and comes in the form of a two-track fail-safe system that is permanently in place. The high rope course is also impressive thanks to its very natural look. Its hemp-coloured ropes, climbing elements and components are made of robinia, which means it fits perfectly into its safari park surroundings.