In continuous use all over the world

Only the Original HUCK Bird Nest® offers extra safety for children

Children love swinging up in the air as high as possible before jumping off as far as they can – it’s all good clean fun. This makes the bird nest swing a popular piece of play apparatus because several children can enjoy the fun together. Aside from the Original HUCK Bird Nest®, cheaper versions have come onto the market, but they don’t have the same safety features as the Original.

When it comes to playgrounds and leisure facilities, the focus for those in the community making the decisions is on minimising the risk of accidents to avoid compensation claims. On what are known as bird nests – swings that several children can sit on and let off steam together – it’s all about the particular safety features of the kind described by accident researchers in their safety tips.  

They list a number of aspects:

  • Suspension brackets: Children can move in any direction on swings with just one suspension bracket, but it’s hard for them to guess which direction the swing is going to move in. Additional devices have to be provided to hold it in position in case the main attachment fails.
  • Ring: The outer ring of a bird nest swing must be designed to feature shock absorption so that children aren’t hurt if there’s an impact.
  • Nest seat: Only a seat with as close a mesh as possible stops children’s feet from slipping through and getting stuck while swinging.

The Original HUCK Bird Nest® means maximum safety
These requirements were met by the Original HUCK Bird Nest® from the outset: a close-mesh link mat for children to sit on prevents arms and legs from poking through while they’re swinging. The base is smooth and gently rounded, allowing little ones to lie ergonomically and safely in the Bird Nest®.

In the meantime the HUCK link mat has been in use around the world for some 20 years and has proved highly reliable. Unlike net bases, the material doesn’t trap dirt and moisture, so clothes remain clean and dry. The sturdy 90 and 120 cm-diameter rings feature rope whipping with extra strong padding so children can play safely. 

To allow children of all ages to have plenty of fun, HUCK has combined its Bird Nest® with various swing frames made from high-quality timber or colourfully painted steel. One option is for the sitting and lying zone to be suspended on chains fitted with high-quality protective tubing of the kind already recommended in public spaces and schools. Kindergartens and childcare facilities tend to prefer HUCK’s Hercules rope. Special suspension brackets ensure children can swing safely for years to come.

HUCK quality can also be seen in the additional polyamide abrasion protection at the intersections with the suspension chains and where the nest basket is attached, which minimises or practically excludes wear and tear, even with continuous use. The chains are covered with a very high-quality, weather-proof rubber sleeve which remains flexible even at low temperatures.

The Bird Nest® can also be found in larger play areas: the Bird Nest Tree has a steel mast over 6 metres high from which four bird nests are suspended among various climbing ropes and scramble nets. Children can get up to the nests using connecting ladders, swag ropes and hanging ropes. The Bird Nest Tree consists of a huge steel mast with crossbars made from composite lumber and has an overall height of 6 m. Despite this, the maximum distance anyone can fall is 3 metres. Ladder crossings, climbing nets, rope ladders and a net chimney invite children to clamber up and they can then have a rest on the four bird nests. A new option is to integrate a net bridge with a chute (1.75 m) so that’s it’s also fun to come down again gently. All the equipment meets DIN EN 1176 standards.

HUCK offers a 5-year warranty on all materials