I Believe I Spider!


Climbing in 3D is now possible thanks to HUCK’s new “SPIDER” pyramid range. SPIDER pyramids are available in heights of 4, 6 and 8 m with different anchoring ropes and looking just like a spider’s web.

SPIDER pyramids are the new product in HUCK’s product catalogue. Children aged 6 or older can climb to extraordinary heights in absolute safety on the SPIDER pyramid range. What makes the rope pyramids special is that children can climb in three dimensions – they can experience pure climbing and movement! Not only can they climb up the outside and on the side, but they can also move hand over hand inside as well! Climber safety is our top priority. Hard rubber membranes inside the SPIDER pyramids offer children little areas where they can rest and recover from climbing and playing – hanging around just like a spider!

Quality without compromise
HUCK’s rope net pyramids are manufactured using HUCK’s tried-and-tested Hercules ropes. They are extremely strong and wear-resistant and designed to be extremely resilient, so can withstand children climbing all over them all the time. The rope diameter is 16 respectively 18 mm, they have six strands and a steel core for reinforcement. Each strand is covered with around 6 mm of strong high-quality polyester thread – this guarantees high colour retention and UV resistance too. Highly engineered technical innovations are used for the connections.

A colourful highlight
The new SPIDER pyramids can be fitted with black ropes and orange connectors – making a really colourful highlight. A sign featuring the original SPIDER adds the perfect final touch to the end of the post. The standard version is designed with a black-red rope combination with silver aluminium connectors. Upon request a SPIDER-version with black rope and orange connectors is also available.

Four designs for every requirement
All HUCK pyramids are available in Mini, Midi and Maxi designs. Depending on the desired degree of difficulty and age group, you can opt for SPIDER 4 (four metres high with four anchoring ropes), SPIDER 6 (six metres high with four or six anchoring ropes) or SPIDER 8 (eight metres high with six anchoring ropes) and erect a climbing landscape that entices youngsters off into an exciting world of adventure.

A crowd puller in Herborn’s wildlife reserve
The new designs from HUCK are a real draw that are sure to withstand the assault of a great many children in playgrounds and adventure gardens. Stress tests mean this is guaranteed. 

Fans of climbing and discovering forests, for example in Herborn’s wildlife reserve, are now able to enjoy HUCK’s SPIDER pyramid. Its location in the middle of the forest invites children to discover local plant and animal life. “We intentionally didn’t put the over 8m high SPIDER pyramid in the playground at the entrance to the wildlife park, but had it built in the middle of the forest to reawaken people’s interest in our local nature. Hundreds of people from the surrounding area came to its opening to see the wildlife reserve and the new rope pyramid. There’s huge interest in it,” said Thomas Rittner from Herborn’s forestry department in Hesse.